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HYGRiP: The Universal Hygienic Sports Gripping Band

HYGRiP, was derived from the words "Hygiene" and "Grip".

The HYGRiP Band provides the ability to achieve better hygiene practices promoting better health and prolonging life.

The HYGRiP Band also provides the ability to achieve better grip and better traction promoting better control and improving accuracy.

The HYGRiP Band is used as a safe and healthy alternative to licking fingers for better grip and better traction. 

HYGRiP History

Since John Elway began his journey with the Denver Broncos back in 1984, The Universal Hygienic Sports Gripping Band was conceived. Virgil Aragon, the man with the idea and a plan developed a prototype using some common household materials. After being turned down by many large sporting good manufacturers and with the daily grind of working hard to provide for his family, The HYGRiP Band would find it's place in a file cabinet.

That is until Troy Aragon, Virgil's son, found the prototype while going through the file cabinet some 15 years later. When Troy asked his father what is was, that is when The HYGRiP Band would continue on it's path to it's place in this world. Again, after a new design, drawings were sent to many of the same sporting good manufacturers but yet still had not found it's way.

In 2008 Virgil, Kenneth, and Troy made an appearance on the hit reality TV show "American Inventor". It has been quite a journey but yes lo and behold after a long haul, many years, and many roads traveled, The Universal Hygienic Sports Gripping Band which was founded and Invented by Virgil Aragon and Co-Invented by his two sons Kenneth Aragon and Troy Aragon, has now found it's place in this world and is now available to millions across the US and around the world. 


Left:Troy Aragon, Center:Ken Aragon, Right:Virgil Aragon