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  • What an ESPN writer found out

HYGRiP in Sports


Quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, punters, special teams, defensive ends, cornerbacks, linemen, both offensive and defensive players seek better grip by licking their fingers and/or tacky gloves.  

We often overlook the potentially dangerous transmission of germs, bacteria, pesticides and fertilizers, field paints; some including tulene and acetone which can be found in field paints which are linked to cause decreased brain function, animal feces, toxins; some cancer causing which can found in artificial turf rubber, saliva, mucus, vomit, urine, viruses, and also blood in which some cases may be infected with known viruses such Hep B, Hep C, HIV, and AIDS. All these harmful agents on the football field are and/or may be being transferred from player to ball to field to ball to player by ingesting when constantly licking fingers and/or tacky gloves during an entire game..

The HYGRiP Band provides a NEW safe healthy method by simply moistening fingers and/or tacky gloves on the hydro-moistening pad, removing the dirt and dust that hinders our grasp for better grip. Using The HYGRiP Band is the choice to make when protecting our children and future generations to come.

Basketball players want better grip on the ball and better traction on the courts. Licking fingers and wiping bottoms of shoes does the trick but at what cost? Well, let's see, the courts are cleaned and treated with many chemicals some good some bad, there's often sweat, mucus, vomit, blood in which some cases may be infected with known viruses such Hep B, Hep C, HIV, and AIDS. Players transfer these harmful agents by constantly licking their fingers during a game for better grip on ball and also for better traction, the ball, being it's main transportation system from player to ball to courts to ball to player and so on....

We don't often consider what agents we may be ingesting because we have been so accustomed to the bad habit of licking our fingers to get better grip and traction that we don't notice the health factors related to this method.

The HYGRiP Band provides a safe and healthy method to moisten fingers for better grip on the ball and for better traction on the court that we can be rest assured we are not taking a chance at ingesting something that can potentially be harmful to our health.

Other Sports

Players in other sports such as soccer, baseball, volleyball, and many others want better grip and better traction on courts, licking fingers seems to have always been the trend, nasty sick germs, viruses, bacteria, chemicals of all sorts, toxins; including some known cancer causing carcinogens found in artificial turf rubber.

Some soccer players playing the position of goalie wear padded tacky gloves and have used the method of licking their gloves to clean off the surfaces to better stop and grip the soccer ball. Studies are still being conducted on the artificial turf rubber, however, the fact remains that these carcinogens are present and can be harmful to one's health. 

Baseball players including pitchers are constantly licking their fingers to get better grip when handling the baseball, ingesting whatever the baseball is transporting from player to field to ball to player.

Volleyball players some of who lick their fingers and wipe the bottoms of their shoes for better traction are ingesting some harmful agents such as dirt, sweat, at times blood, and chemicals which are used to clean and treat floors.

The HYGRiP Band provides a safe healthy habit to moisten fingers to achieve the desired grip and traction needed without risking a players health.